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School and Progam  


Who can register for the school?

St. Stephen serves international Preschool Students ages 5-6, Elementary Students ages 6-12 and High School Students ages 13-17.

What is the summer and winter camp about? 

The program theme integration happens within classroom activities in American classrooms with American students.

With minds-on, hands-on experiences, students will have a great time learning and sharing their individual ideas and creativity.

What academic themes do you have for summer and winter camps?

Our summer program themes: STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and Military Leadership and Confidence Course will offer students an opportunity to experience in high quality academic programs and gain an understanding of cultures and systems.  Through our programs, students can attain intercultural competencies; advance knowledge of world culture; and develop global mindedness.


What is the military program about?


Students will be participating in team-building activities, confidence obstacle course, community service projects, and more, all while developing valuable leadership skills.

Students will gain physical balance, strength, running, and camaraderie. Dispel and or work through anxieties individually or corporately.  Students learn to talk and move as one cohesive unit in sync and harmony. Our course offers a series of supervised individual and group challenges that promote adventure, success, improved problem solving, and teamwork. Students will be placed challenged individually and as a team to problem solve toward the solution. Students also learn basic first aid such as direct pressure, CPR, and dressing a wound.

When is the program available?

We offer Summer and Winter Camps:

Summer - June 26 to August 18th

Winter - January 8 to March 30

The School Year begins and is open to international students August 28th to June 8th.


Are meals included?

Meals are included and provided at the school.  Meals for field trips will not be provided. Students will need spending money for outings and personal expenses.

Are Field Trips included? 

Field trips are available upon your international group requests.

Can I take a tour of the school?

Tours are available on weekdays. Contact us to set up an appointment. 

How do I register?

Contact the International Office:

Phone (626)824-1682

Email Pamela Goytia at

Japan Line: ststephen

Japan Line QR Code:


WeChat ID: ststephenmbc

WeChat QR Code:



Will I learn English?

English Language Development is included. 

We offer our students the opportunities to be in classes, mainstreamed in all academic subjects.

Students will be provided individual help with English grammar, reading, writing, and conversation.

Our English program for international students will focus on Word recognition, Vocabulary development, Reading comprehension, and Speech.

This will be fun and interactive atmosphere!

The Classroom, Conversation, and Culture program can be your gateway to effective communication in English.


Classroom Instruction  

Instruction for students will include an English program in the following areas:


Speaking for Accent Reduction, Pronunciation and Fluency

Conversation and Culture

Listening and Speaking

Students will use the social communications of others to enrich their understanding of people and their views.

Students will learn to speak comfortably with American friends.

Students will review and practice the language necessary for in-class situations where they must ask for information, plan and work in group projects.

What is the curriculum for academics? 

We use the A Beka program and enhance with Houghton Mifflin and Hartcourt.

Our curriculum promotes academic excellence.

St. Stephen Academy students receive instruction in the following disciplines:

Bible, Language Arts/ Phonics, Mathematics, Penmanship, Physical Education including a Military component, Reading, Social Studies, Science, Spelling, and Writing.  Our students are introduced to 21st century learning, which prepares them to compete in a global society.  Our teachers provide innovative instruction that integrates creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. 

Our mission statement, vision, philosophy, and school-wide learner outcomes provide the direction for which our teachers plan and preparation for instruction.

About the A Beka Curriculum


This complete program of worktexts and daily lesson plans is the result of more than 55 years of teaching kindergarten and elementary students to master basic arithmetic. The program is designed to help you provide clear instruction and extensive practice in building arithmetic skills so arithmetic becomes a positive experience for your students.

The curriculum is structured for success K–12 with logical arrangement of the materials and texts aids learning as we move step by step from basic concepts to the more difficult.

Students gain success in concepts, computation, and application.

The program’s spiral method within each grade and from one grade to the next ensures repetition and continuous maintenance of basic skills.


Computation and Application

Emphasis on Problem Solving…With emphasis on problem solving, students learn to apply mathematical concepts to real-life situations. As students learn concrete facts, they gain understanding, which builds the foundation for more abstract concepts they will encounter later on.



A Beka Book history texts are organized for teachers and practical for students. Time lines, comprehension checks, and chapter reviews support the narrative-style writing. Vocabulary development, review, and reinforcement are only a few of the practical features of our texts.

Providing a realistic view of history, government, and economics based upon the foundational truths of Scripture. History is the written record of mankind.  It is “His story” describing the rise and fall of nations and individuals as they respond to God’s truth—the story of what man has done with the time God has given him, from creation through the present.

God has given the earth to man for a home. Geography is the study of the surface of the earth. Geography helps us to understand history because it tells us about the places where history has happened.


Language Arts and Phonics:

A Beka Book phonics teaches grades 1 and 2 students the short sounds of the vowels and then how to blend these sounds with a consonant. In a short time, students are able to read the hundreds of one-syllable words which have short vowel sounds. This allows students to feel a sense of accomplishment from the very beginning. Once they have mastered the simple words, they learn more sounds and longer words.

Phonics skills are applied in meaningful, character-building stories that correlate with the phonics concepts as they are learned.


The A Beka Book Reading Program features fascinating stories that spark interest while building students’ character, comprehension skills, and understanding. The result is highly motivated, confident students who delight in the amount and variety of Scripturally sound reading material available to them. A variety of literature—from delightful classics to modern stories, poetry, and children’s novels—gives students insight into their culture and their world and presents them with Christian ideals and spiritual values. A Beka Book readers are filled with colorful illustrations to instruct, inspire, and spark the imagination. Students also read the Bible as a regular part of their reading class; and because of their strong phonics foundation, they are able to read the Bible with accuracy and understanding from an early age.


Comprehension skills increase in direct proportion to how much reading they do. In the pamphlet What Works, the U.S. Department of Education stated, “Children improve their reading ability by reading a lot. Reading achievement is directly related to the amount of reading children do in school and outside. Unlike using workbooks and performing computer drills, reading books gives children practice in the ‘whole act’ of reading, that is, both in discovering the meaning of individual words and in grasping the meaning of an entire story.”


The purpose of vocabulary study is to enlarge the student’s speaking and listening vocabulary, to aid in his reading comprehension, and to help him develop an interest in and an appreciation for words. With the A Beka Book Reading Program, challenging, new words for each story are listed in the student book or in the teacher’s material. This vocabulary is thoroughly taught before students commence reading.



English Language and Creative Writing:


  • Introduce man’s best use of God’s gift of language by means of suitable literary selections for each grade

  • Educate students in traditional grammar and standard usage and mechanics

  • Train students to be comfortable with correct grammar, pronunciation, and usage in conversation and other forms of speech

  • Refine ability to write clearly and effectively

  • Give a variety of public speaking opportunities and helps

Language is a gift from God. It is man’s most important tool—the tool of thought. In a day of poor and lazy communication skills, A Beka Book emphasizes how language works and how to use it in the best way.

This carefully developed traditional grammar program for young writers builds confidence and capability in written and spoken language. Its accent on achievement makes grammar and writing a pleasure to teach and a joy to learn.

Grammar is taught with the purpose of making clear to students the orderly structure of language, a picture of God’s orderly plan for the world and for their lives. The grammar is taught in a useful, practical way—in conjunction with composition and oral usage.

The program provides a balanced Scope & Sequence of language skills that promotes learning success. Thinking, reading comprehension, and writing skills are emphasized.Lessons contain exercises to develop, apply, and reinforce skills and concepts. The generous supply of practice exercises means that no additional worksheets are needed. A rich array of composition exercises enables students to apply what they learn to their own writing. Review is built in from unit to unit and from year to year to build confidence and promote lifelong mastery for all students.

Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry:

A Beka Book has designed a fast-paced, comprehensive, skills-teaching system that makes spelling “second nature” to young writers. This straightforward teach/practice/test approach has two important advantages over the expensive workbook approach to teaching spelling: it is economical, and it works!



Students enjoy studying science and are thrilled to see the plan of God as revealed in His orderly creation. The A Beka Book Science Series provides a solid foundation in science based soundly on the Word of God and Christian principles.


The sequential presentation of this series takes into account the maturity of the students, the principles previously developed, and the importance of variety in a student’s life.

Science of the Physical Creation

Biology: God’s Living Creation

Chemistry: Precision and Design

Physics: The Foundational Science


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