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St. Stephen Academy is small-sized elementary and middle school. However, the school has seen growth over the past several years. As a Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade, the Academy educates families with children from infant to age 14.


St. Stephen Academy students receive instruction in the following disciplines:  Bible, Language Arts/ Phonics, Mathematics, Penmanship, Physical Education including a Military component, Reading, Social Studies, Science, Spelling, and Writing.  Our students are introduced to 21st century learning, which prepares them to compete in a global society. 


Our teachers provide innovative instruction that integrates creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. 


Our mission statement, vision, philosophy, and school-wide learner outcomes provide the direction for which our teachers plan and prepare instruction.




We provide a well-rounded program for our students’ mind, body, and soul. Everything we do at

St. Stephen Academy is Christ-Centered. We integrate our faith in our classrooms through programming in our curriculum, music, Spanish, physical education, military component, and computer literacy so every child has the opportunity to grow and shine!


Serving God and others is part of shining! Our service-minded students participate in community service from feeding the homeless to donating food, clothing, and toys for those in need.




Extracurricular activities help to create a well-balanced educational experience.  St. Stephen Academy offers extracurricular opportunities for students to utilize their God-given gifts and talents.  Our extracurricular activities help to further develop teamwork, individual and group responsibility, physical strength and endurance, sportsmanship, and a sense of culture and community. Through extracurricular participation, our students are able to connect and apply these lessons to real-life situations.
Some of our extracurricular activities are:
Media Club – Students are introduced to the techniques of photography, video composition, and storyboard.  Students apply these techniques throughout the school year. 
Sports Club – Students are introduced to a variety of sports, basketball, volleyball, and floor hockey.  They learn the basic fundamentals and rules of the sport.  Through instruction and application, skills are developed and knowledge of the sport is acquired.  
Chinese – We have all level Chinese language lessons for the students age 3 to 14 afterschool. 
Music Lessons (Piano and Voice) – Students are introduced to the world of Fine Arts. Through music, creativity unfolds and talents are enhanced.  Music develops coordination and instills discipline.   Students gain confidence through performance and a love for the Arts. (K-8th Grade)
Drama Club – Through games and activities, student creativity is developed.  Students receive instruction in several areas of dramatic performance, such as public speaking and stage presence. 


We offer our students the opportunities to be in classes, mainstreamed in all academic subjects.
Students will be provided individual help with English grammar, reading, writing, and conversation.
Our English program for international students will focus on Word recognition, Vocabulary development, Reading comprehension, and Speech.
Tutoring will be available for students afterschool and will be arranged with parents by the international director.
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