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Welcome to St. Stephen International Programs and Partnerships. We have been involved with education since 1999. In the last few years our offerings have expanded from a local reach to a global reach and global touch. We understand the importance of cross cultural exposure and education. Through student exchange programs and camps, learners and educators intersect to experience cross utilization of language, culture, and academics. 


At St. Stephen International Programs and Partnerships, we invest in the total person academically, socially, professionally, and spiritually. Therefore, we team with, partner, and employ world class leaders with passions to serve. This enables us to accomplish our mission to be a global, educational liaison between international students, families, educators, and schools.  


You have been blessed with unique talents and gifts as well. I would love to learn about your dreams and aspirations and see how we here at St. Stephen International can join you on your journey of success.


I applaud you for researching the next steps in your educational process, and appreciate you considering St. Stephen International Programs and Partnerships as one of your keys to educational excellence. 


Anthony L. Dockery

Pastor | Chief Executive Officer            

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