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St. Stephen International is a 501(c)3, not for profit organization.

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"The SUMMER CAMP STEAM (STEM +ART)  helped to launch a love of technology for my daughter.  She has taken the skills from last summer to compete on the Robotics LEGO TEAM and has worked to build a website. 


MILITARY LEADERSHIP AND CONFIDENCE CAMP made an impact on my daughter. My daughter has always struggled with her confidence and speaking up for herself.  She was nervous last summer when the new military component started.  She was always a champion for others and let her light shine as a model for kindness and compassion.  However, after the summer, she became a warrior for herself and others.  Since last summer she has completed three obstacle races." 

Quote - Rosie Sinapi, Parent

Anthony L. Dockery


St. Stephen Missionary Baptist Church was founded in 1964 and has provided quality Christian education to meet the educational needs of the community since 1999.  In order to increase our capacity, reach, and ability to serve our local and global communities, St. Stephen International Programs and Partnerships was established in 2014. 

St. Stephen International Programs and Partnerships provides opportunities for students to experience high quality academic programs, develop relationships, and gain an understanding of cultures and systems. Through our programs, students can attain intercultural competencies; advance knowledge of world culture; and develop global mindedness.


Our VISION is to be a full-service fruitful intersection for international students, families, and educators to achieve academic excellence.


Our MISSION is to be an educational liaison between international students, families, and schools.


Our PROCESS is to cultivate dreams of students, consolidate resources for families, and collaborate with partnering educators.



We offer a wider array of program options, elementary, high school, and college/career. You will find details about each program in HOW WE DO IT.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


You can get a sense of the campus with the photos and video feeds. Contact us for a tour and more information. 


 Welcome to the St. Stephen Family


St. Stephen is a Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-Certified school and program eligible to enroll F-1 students.


Prospective and current F or M students can use information on this page to learn about the process and rules for studying in the United States as an international student. MORE INFO


St. Stephen International Programs will immerse students in the English language.

Students will be exposed to the American culture and social communication that enriches the understanding of people and their views.

For more information, visit the programs page.



Learn more about the requirements and request additional information here.


You can start the application process by completing the Host Family Application Form.


Military Program and much more. . . . .